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Arcturus 2" Adjustable Eyepiece Proj Camera Adapter

This combination prime-focus eyepiece camera adapter has a sliding barrel design that allows variable projection distances for eyepiece projection photography. This eliminates the need to change eyepieces when different magnification or additional projection enlargement is desired. This additional projection range is particularly useful in high-resolution Lunar / Planetary photography. The rightmost barrel can be unscrewed and is the same as the prime focus camera adapter above. Requires T-ring (sold separately). Threaded to accept standard 2" filters.

Our price: $45.00 (€39.15)
Arcturus 2" Prime Focus Camera Adapter

* Couples camera to telescope for prime-focus photography * Requires T-ring (sold separately) for your 35mm camera body * Fits 2" focusers on refractors or reflectors

Our price: $34.95 (€30.41)
Glatter T Mount Parallizer

T-adapter with Howie Glatter's Parallizer Patent alignment feature allows your image train to stay parallel

Our price: $55.00 (€47.85)
Olivon 2" to 1.25" Twist-Lock Eyepiece Adapter/Camera Adapter

Olivon 2″ to 1.25″ Twist-Lock Eyepiece Adapter. This clever Eyepiece Adapter precisely centers any 1.25″” accessory in a 2″ focuser.

Our price: $29.95 (€26.06)
Televue Camera Adapter 2 inch

Looking for maximum contrast in your prime focus photography? Use the Tele Vue Camera adapters. Blackened anti-reflection threads minimize stray light reflections. To enhance your creative palette, we machined 48mm filter threads into the end of the adapter. Fits standard 35mm camera T-rings. Available for 2" and 1¼" focusers.

Our price: $57.00 (€49.59)
Market price: $70.00 , save 19%
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