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Astronomical Equipment for Amateurs
Here's a detailed introduction to the "nuts 'n' bolts" of backyard astronomy! Mobberley, a distinguished British amateur, distills the wisdom and experience of generations of skygazers into an information-packed guide to telescopes, eyepieces, binoculars, mountings, CCD cameras, and other equipment available to today's amateur astronomer. He also covers film, filters, software, star atlases, and observatories--if it's in the amateur's arsenal, it's in this book!

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Star Ware 4th Edition
"If the pure and elevated pleasure to be derived from the possession and use of a good telescope...were generally known, I am certain that no instrument of science would be more commonly found in the homes of intelligent people."
So wrote Garrett Serviss in his book PLEASURES OF THE TELESCOPE nearly 100 years ago. The telescope market is radically different than it was in the days of Serviss. Back then, amateur astronomy was an activity of the wealthy. By contrast, we live in an age that thrives on choice. Amateur astronomers must now wade through an ocean of literature and propaganda before being able to select a telescope intelligently. For many a budding astronomer, this chore appears overwhelming.

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