Flashlights/Night Vision Aids


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ADM 9 LED Red Flashlight
Perfect accessory for night vision, Star map reading, camping, fishing, hiking, house
maintenance and city power outage

Bright enough to clearly read your maps or other documents yet will not bother
your fellow star gazers
Aluminum strong build body, 8" in length, 3/4" head diameter
Only spot mode available for LED flashlights
Powered by 3 AA batteries, you can save a lot with rechargeable batteries

Continuous burning time about 12 hours, depends on battery quality
LED life is ranged from 80000 to 100000 hours, nearly no chance to replace bulb
Water resist, not recommended for under water operation
1 Year Warranty

Please DO NOT look directly to LED, it's absolutely harmful to your eyes ! This flashlight is not a toy !!

Our price: $10.00 (€8.70)
Arcturus Red and White Headlamp
Fully Adjustable RED LED Headlamp for a custom fit.
Two levels of brightness
Operates on AAA batteries. 50 hour battery life.
100,000 hour LED life. 620-625nm Rating.
Be the envy of your fellow astronomers.

Our price: $15.00 (€13.05)
Arcturus Red LED Scrolling Name Badge
Programmable Scrolling Red LED Badge
General Features:
Red scrolling LED Badge - Variable Brightness (7 levels)
Stores up to 6 messages
Displays your own custom message
Use the 3 keys on the back of the badge to input messages by hand
Pin directly to your shirt or use the powerful magnet
Easy to use
Unit Dimensions:
1.5 x 3 x 0.25-inches (H x W x D, approximate)

Package Includes:
User Manual
Two (2) 3V (CR2032) Lithium battery

Our price: $20.00 (€17.40)
Arcturus Red Monitor Gel Sheet 11" x 17"
A must at Star Parties. Great for laptop displays, interior & exterior lights of the car, flashlights, etc...Rubylith sheets come 11" x 17".3 mil thickness
Preserve you night vision when using your laptop with your telescope. This gel is optically clear and generous in size to more than cover any laptop screen.

Our price: $5.00 (€4.35)
Arcturus Shroud for Night Vision & Solar Viewing
Get an Arcturus Solar Shroud for viewing the sun with the maximum amount of contrast and elimination of interfering glare.

Our price: $39.95 (€34.76)
Market price: $49.95 , save 20%
Astro Gizmos Red USB Light


3 - Red LED's

Each LED is 5000 mcd at a wavelength of 630 nm.

USB powered.

Low power consumption, 5 minutes of battery life for every hour of operation

10" Flexible neck to adjust anyway you like

Our price: $15.00 (€13.05)
AstroGizmos Red Self Adhering Transparent Screen Cover
!!!!! New Item !!!!!

Transparent RED Screen for iPod™, Cell Phones, Cameras & PDA’s!

Won’t leave marks or residue. Simply peel off when not needed. Use again and again. Never looses its static cling.
Works with touch screen devices such as iPhone®, iTouch®, and Storm®
Cut to size with scissors.
Unlike other red films our screen protector:
Does not wrinkle and distort the image.
Is self adhering, leaves no tape residue
Will not adhere permanently to LCD computer screens

Our price: $5.00 (€4.35)
BLinky Lights set of 3
Handy kit consists of 3 blinky red lights to velcro (included on to your telescope tripod legs. 6 AA batteries also included. These lights will blink for 6 months non- stop!

Our price: $14.99 (€13.04)
Kick-Me-Not Blinky Warning Lights
This is a great way to protect your tripod from being kicked after that gruesome setup.
Press the button once for rapid flashing, press it again for slower flash and press the third time for a steady beam then press it the forth time to turn off
Powered by 2 easily replaceable batteries
Easy to attach to tripod legs or tent stakes with the adjustable hook and loop strap.
LED rating is 150-200 MCD at a wavelength of 630 nm.
They have a flash rate of about 120 per flashes per minute and the red LED is bright enough to bring attention to the legs on your tripod.
Each set consists of 3 flashers with Velcro to attach to your tripod legs.
Email us for foreign shipment price.
They attach using a single 9" long Velcro strip. The light has a translucent red body.

Our price: $12.00 (€10.44)
Orion RedBeam SP Flashlight
* Get the astronomy flashlight that never needs additional batteries!
* Winding the hand crank for 1 minute pumps out up to 15 minutes of red LED light
* Red light preserves your night vision while you read star charts or check your equipment
* Choose from two brightness settings, which illuminate three or all five red LEDs
* Can also be charged from a USB port (5 hours for full charge) provides 2 hours of illumination!

Our price: $29.95 (€26.06)