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Meade #497 AudioStar Controller

Meade AudioStar Controller #07640. Next generation Meade AutoStar, now with audio files and an internal speaker. Compatible with all Meade ETX-90 and 125 models, LXD-75 and LX90 series telescopes, and other "497" Autostar equipped models. This amazing computerized celestial object locating system plugs into the telescope's handbox port allowing a quick telescope alignment.

Our price: $159.00 (€138.33)
Meade Autostar II Hand Controller with Cable

Autostar II Hand Controller with Cable

Compatible with LX200GPS, LX200ACF, LX600, and LX850 models only. Not compatible with ETX, LX90, or LS.

Our price: $115.00 (€100.05)
Stella Wi-Fi Adapter

Meet Stella.

The adapter that allows you to wirelessly control your telescope. When paired with our Android and iOS app, StellaAccess, you can wirelessly control your computerized telescope with your smart phone or tablet. Creating its own Wi-Fi network or joining other Wi-Fi networks, the Stella adapter communicates and aids in controlling your scope to making observing a breeze!

Our price: $199.00 (€173.13)
Meade #505 Connector Cable Set for Meade 497 Autostar equipped models
Meade 505 Connector Cable Set #07505. This is a PC to AutoStar connector cable only, as provided with stock number 04512 Cable Connector Kit with Software. Allows connection of a Meade 497 Autostar keypad to a PC serial port.

Our price: $19.99 (€17.39)
Meade #506 Cable Connector Kit w/Software for 494 Autostar equipped models
The #506 Cable Connector Kit w/Software allows control of the any Meade telescope with the model 494 Autostar keypad hand control, including Meade ETX-60, ETX-70 and ETX-80 and most DS-2000 series models from a PC.
Displays more than 15,000 celestial wonders: galaxies, nebulae, star clusters, stars and planets on your PC monitor. This enables even the beginner to leasily locate and identify objects to observe with the telescope and print out star charts for use in observing sessions.

Our price: $39.99 (€34.79)
#507 Cable Connector Kit for Meade LX200-ACF
Control your LX200-ACF from a PC with this #507 Cable Connector Kit.

Our price: $39.99 (€34.79)
Meade 15' 2.0 USB Cable
Meade 15 foot USB cord #07583. For use with Meade Deep Sky Imager (DSI) Series cameras and the Meade Lunar Planetary Imager (LPI).

Our price: $14.99 (€13.04)
Meade Autoguider Port Module for LX80/LX90

For LX80/LX90 models only.

Our price: $67.95 (€59.12)
Meade USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter
Meade USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter #07507. The USB to RS-232 (Serial) Adapter is for the connecting of any Meade telescopes RS-232 serial interface to your PC's USB Port.

Our price: $49.99 (€43.49)
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