Stellarvue SFFR.72-130-25-48 Reducer/Flattener for 2.5" focuser and 48 mm Camera Attachment

Article number: SFFR.72-130-25-48
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The Stellarvue SFFR.72-130-25-48 Reducer/Flattener threads into the 2.5" focuser of the SVA130T and provides .72X reduction, converting the 130 mm f/7 system into f/5 for wide field imaging.  This version of the reducer/flattener comes with adapters that provide 55 mm of backfocus with an M48 male thread for the camera. Should you choose to use this unit without the adapters you will get approximately 69 mm of back focus using the M69X1 rear thread.

This full frame reducer/flattener has been responsible for many of the amazing images taken recently with the SVA130T. 

PLEASE NOTE: This unit is designed specifically for the SVA130T. It is not designed to work with other 130 mm refractors unless they have a removable 55 - 60 mm extension in front of the focuser.

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