Starmaster 16" f4.5 Dobsonian (Pre-owned)

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This scope is equipped with a Pegasus Mirror 16" f4.5 2 inch thickness


Mirror marked as

"IM4650 Pegasus EAL  #23025


Includes Legacy Sky Commander computer, encoders, encoder cable and telrad


Also comes with a Telrad installed



Our unique truss design provides quick, no tool setup and makes the telescope a very compact unit for easy transport.

We use a custom built, all steel, open design, quick-detach mirror cell, with lightweight oak transport case. This feature makes our telescopes very portable and safe to transport.

-All components, large and small, show Starmaster's commitment to craftsmanship. -All telescopes are tested optically and mechanically before delivery. Note: On 20 inch and smaller scopes, the mirror and cell may be left in the telescope for transport when ramps and transport handles are used for loading the scope.

Primary Mirrors: All of our telescopes feature Pyrex mirrors mounted in premium, research quality mirror cells. We use 1.25"- (FX series) and 1.6"-thick primary mirrors for one simple reason - performance is improved due to faster cool-down time.

Years of dedicated observing have proven to us the value and importance of quality optics. Quality and consistency are the criteria that we use to choose our optical suppliers.


Primary mirror coatings utilize Ion-Assisted Deposition (IAD) and quartz overcoat. This provides higher reflectivity than the "standard" 89% sputtered coatings. Using a single IAD metallic layer also eliminates the tendency of multilayer "enhanced" metallic coatings to roughen the mirror surface thereby degrading the image. We believe that the fidelity of the optical images are better preserved with this process, with the additional assurance that the optical coatings will outlast "run-of-the-mill" SiO-overcoated (monoxide, not the superior quartz) sputtered coatings.

Secondary Mirrors: Carefully sized secondary mirrors provide superb full-aperture planetary views and high contrast deep sky images. 96-97% enhanced coatings are standard.

Mike Lockwood now tests the entire surface of all Starmaster secondary mirrors, and he refigures them if necessary. This ensures that the entire optical system meets our exacting specifications. Why? Because Mike's testing of batches of secondaries showed significant variation in quality, regardless of supplier, and Mike would not agree to supply optics without making sure that the secondary mirrors used in the FX telescopes were up to his specifications. As a result of this, Starmaster telescopes, which already were the most carefully and thoroughly tested commercial truss-telescopes available, are now even more carefully tested!

-Every wood piece of a Starmaster Telescope is protected by a durable exterior grade polyurethane finish. STANDARD FEATURES

-The upper cage, which is shown being packed in the image at left, utilizes lightweight ABS material for the liner. This material is far more stable than Kydex and will not deform. (Kydex has a tendency to change dimension when exposed to sunlight, such as when a telescope is left out in the sun at a star party.)

-Oak plywood construction with high-gloss polyurethane finish is standard on all models.

-Premium Crayford 2" focuser, with 1 1/4" adapter, is standard on all models.

-Light shroud for trusses, dust cover for secondary and carrying case for trusses included atno charge.

-Telrad finder with dew shield is standard on all models.

-Aluminum truss poles with black, rubberized armor coating standard.

-Light shroud for trusses, dust cover for secondary and carrying case for trusses included at no charge.

Sky Commander digital setting circles -- installed.

StarStep Observing Chair - This dandy combination chair/step-stool is ideal for making your observing comfortable. It is ideal for the 11" - 20" Super FX-Q telescopes, and those with similar eyepiece heights. It features an adjustable seat height, and it folds for storage -- $149, plus $79 shipping/handling.

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