Shelyak Lhires Lite Spectroscope

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Shelyak Lhires Lite Spectroscope

The Lhires Lite Spectroscope has been designed based upon Shelyak's own knowledge regarding scientific animation. It has been created with safety, sturdiness, and ease of use in mind. The Lhires Lite Spectroscope is especially well-suited for public outreach. Your audience will be able to see the solar spectrum at its most potent, with thousands of lines detectable. Demonstrate how professional astronomers use spectroscopes to calculate stellar composition, temperature, and pressure. The Lhires Lite Spectroscope also features an adjustable eyepiece holder that is appropriate for children to use. Includes a stick that acts like a solar clock for pointing toward the Sun safely. When the Lhires Lite is directed at the Sun, the stick's shadow will disappear. Comes with its own carrying case for easy transport to and from public outreach events.

The Lhires Lite Spectroscope contains several scales you can use to help analyze lines either in the solar spectrum or spectral lamp. Educators can also create their own scale, or let their students draw the spectrum as they see it and try to match it with reference scales.


  • Resolution of 0.025 nm (blue) to 0.035 nm (red)
  • Adjustable eyepiece holder
  • Stick that acts as a gnomon for pointing the device toward the Sun safely
  • Simple wavelength selection for public outreach
  • Interchangeable scale
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