Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Altazimuth Mount & Tripod

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  • Computerized object-locating GoTo mount and tripod with a database of over 42,000 celestial objects to explore
  • Supports telescope payloads weighing 13 pounds or less
  • Allows manual movement of attached telescopes without losing GoTo alignment
  • Slanted, single-arm altazimuth design provides horizon-to-zenith pointing
  • Weighs just 13.4 pounds for easy portability

The user-friendly Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Altazimuth Mount boasts a state-of-the-art GoTo object location system with internal motors and a computerized database of over 42,000 celestial objects to explore. Once you use the included hand controller to select and locate an object, the StarSeeker IV GoTo Mount and its internal motors will automatically track the object's apparent motion across the sky to keep it in your field of view. A handy, built-in "Tour" mode identifies which objects are visible on any particular night to lead you on a tour of interesting sights to explore.

With a telescope payload capacity of 13 pounds, the StarSeeker IV Mount provides an inexpensive upgrade for backyard astronomers who want to add the luxury of GoTo object location and motorized tracking to a small or medium telescope optical tube. A quick-release narrow dovetail saddle makes telescope attachment nice and easy. An included dovetail L-bracket provides a horizontal platform for coupling cameras, small telescopes, or binoculars to the Orion StarSeeker IV GoTo Mount's vertical arm. The slotted bracket features a captive 1/4"-20 threaded post and finger knob for instrument attachment. The altazimuth mount's slanted, single-arm design provides attached telescopes with 360° of azimuth motion and 90° of altitude motion for horizon to zenith pointing.
Following an initial two-star alignment process, dual optical encoders on each axis of motion allow manual repositioning of an attached telescope without having to recalibrate the GoTo system. This not only helps saves power and motor wear, but also means you won't have to re-align the StarSeeker IV Mount if you inadvertently bump into a tripod leg in the dark of night. Speaking of tripod legs, the StarSeeker IV features an upgraded cylindrical leg stainless steel tripod that is sturdier than previous models. Stability is further enhanced by a dual-purpose accessory holder/spreader plate which keeps the tripod rigid while providing a convenient area for stowing idle eyepieces and accessories. The stainless steel tripod adjusts in height for comfortable use.

Since the StarSeeker IV Mount can locate and track objects with its motorized GoTo system, it can be used along with a telescope and camera or smartphone to capture impressive astrophotos of interesting objects in the night sky. An included shutter release cable is compatible with select Canon cameras.

Powered by 8 internally stored AA batteries (not included), optional external 12V DC field battery, or optional AC-to-DC wall plug adapter. Weighs 13.4 pounds.

  • Best for imaging
    Lunar, planetary & terrestrial
  • Astro-imaging capability
    Lunar, planetary & terrestrial
  • Weight rating
    13 lbs.
  • Dovetail bar system
  • Alignment procedure
    Two-Star alignment
  • Motor speeds
    Ten different slewing speeds from 0.5x sidereal to over 600x sidereal
  • Power requirement
    8-AA batteries or 12-volt DC
  • Available ports
  • Tripod material
  • Weight, mount/tripod
    13.4 lbs.
  • Weight, fully assembled
    13.4 lbs.
  • Additional included accessories
    RS-232 cable, 12V DC power cable, Quick-Collimation cap, Cast-Metal accessory tray/Spread bracer
  • Other features
    Liquid filled compass, Battery & hand controller holder built into mount, Manual movement while maintaining GoTo alignment
  • Warranty
    One year
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