Orion Dovetail L-Bracket for Vixen-Style Side Arm Telescope Mounts

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This Aluminum L-bracket provides a horizontal platform for coupling small telescopes or binoculars to any of the many "Side -Arm" mounts available under many different brand names.

A Slotted plate has captive 1/4"-20 threaded post and finger knob for attachment of instrument. Dovetail base locks securely in the Vmount's dovetail saddle. A bolt stop in the dovetail base prevents the bracket from accidentally slipping out of the saddle.

Holds many different types of equipment including cameras, telescopes up to 6" in aperture, and even binoculars up to 100mm.Indeed, this is the perfect device to mount a solar scope such as the Coronado PST and have it sit in the right orientation for proper viewing on a side-arm mount!


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