Wheely Bars

What are Wheeley Bars?

Do you wish you had an easy way to move your tripod-mounted, pier-mounted or Dobsonian telescope from garage to patio or driveway? Wheeley Bars (telescope wheels/dolly) were created for just that purpose. The sturdy base with locking wheels and leveling bolts allows you to easily move, lock, level and use the complete telescope assembly. And best of all, you don’t have to disconnect and reconnect all the electrical and computer cabling.

Standard Wheeley Bars are designed to be used on hard flat surfaces only. With the optional large-wheel upgrade, great care in maneuvering and ideal conditions, they can be used on grass, dirt and gravel surfaces. Wheeley Bars are generally designed to be used with the tripod legs almost fully retracted to reduce the overall width.

A Word of Warning: The heavier the telescope mounted on the Wheeley Bars, the more careful one must be in moving the complete system by pulling or pushing below the center of gravity. JMI is not responsible for incorrect loading or operation.

Add a Tow Handle to any Medium or Large Size Universal-Style Wheeley Bars. (The tow handle, at left, is shown attached to a Universal-Style Wheeley Bar unit.)

NOTE: The 10″ Pneumatic Large Wheels already include the Tow Handle.