Moonlite High Res Stepper Motor Belt Rotator 2.5 inch format (Model HSR25)

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For CSL and CFL 2.5" large format focusers


The 2.5"  large format High Res Stepper Motor rotator kit spins the complete focuser including all imaging equipment connected at a .01 degree resolution for a Full PC automated solution. The rotator is a customer installed kit that is a belt driven design that can be added on easily to 2.5" large format MoonLite focusers such as the CSL and CFL models.  The rotator is a double bearing design for high load capacity and is belt driven by a High res stepper motor. The rotator kit require a Dual Port DRO Display Controller for the original focus stepper motor and the new rotator stepper motor. The rotator adds about 1.1” to the existing focusers profile, so please check to see if the extra profile is acceptable.  Both focus and the rotator can be ran manually with the controller buttons or MoonLite’s non-ASCOM utility program, or with any ASCOM program.  Our ASCOM driver (requires 6.0  or later ASCOM platform), see the download tab on our web page for latest software and Installation documentation:


Rotator shown on a CFL 2.5" large format refractor focuser


Front side view of Rotator shown on a CFL 2.5" large format refractor focuser


Rotator shown on a CSL 2.5" large format  SCT / RC focuser


Bottom view of Rotator shown on a CSL 2.5" large format  SCT / RC focuser


The Installation kit includes the high res stepper motor, mounting bracket, ¼” wide drive belt, 2.5" large format bearing rotator, and if needed, a DRO dual port display controller with Remote temp probe and all cables at an additional cost. The 2.5” rotator is 1.1” thick and installs between the upper flange and lower flange of the MoonLite focuser. (Note - consider your profile requirements before adding this option to your existing focuser setup). Please note a DRO dual port controller is required to operate the rotator along with the original focus motor,  2 separate mini V2 controllers will not work. CHL EDGE customers with smaller 8" and 9.25" OTAs should not add the rotator to the existing Moonlite focusers due to the Motors hitting the focus knob and mirror lock knobs.  2.5" Rotator with motor weights a total of 2 lbs. 3 oz. Rotator and Stepper motor is $490, and the Dual port DRO controller is $495.  We list the rotator separately as some customers will already have the controller and not need an additional one. Total cost for both is $985.


See Video for Rotator installation:

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