MoonLite CR 2 inch Crayford Newtonian Focusers (Specify Drawtube & Color)

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The modular design of the CR 2" format Newtonian focuser makes it very versatile. Just pick the options you need in these 3 categories: Drawtube, Focus knob/motor, and Color.

We offer everything from our heavy duty tri-knob reduction unit with shaft lock system to different types of motor options for both visual or imaging configurations. Many different draw tube travels and configurations are available. Our collimatable tip tilt base design provides flexibility for achieving perfect mechanical centerline collimation should the need arise. Light weight plus custom anodized colors and a matching drawtube options make for a perfect custom focuser to match your scopes requirements.

Draw tubes:


MoonLite offers 14 different drawtube configurations for the 2" format CR model focusers. Please use the pull down menu to select the drawtube located at the bottom of this page. Please Note - All focusers include a 2" to 1 1/4" adapter that is threaded for 2" filters for free ! All Drawtube options are free, except for the filter swing versions. The swing filter option is an additional $100.


  • Regular drawtubes, single thumbscrew style--- come in 1.5" travel, 1.75" travel, standard 2" travel, 2.37" travel, and 2.75" travel. They are a low profile design and use a single 1/4-20 aluminum thumbscrew (non compression ring style). The standard drawtube is a good choice for regular loads and has the lowest profile of all of the drawtube options. It comes with an 1 1/4"adapter.


  • Regular drawtube, single thumbscrew style with 3 mini set screws. This is a special variation of the 1.5" travel drawtube, it is tapped with 3 small 8-32 set screws at the top of the drawtube. They can be used to permanently attach very heavy loads and still keep a very low profile with out having to pick the taller 3-thumbscrew compression ring version.


  • Compression ring drawtubes, 3 thumb screw style--- Feature a brass compression ring with three 10-32 size thumbscrews oriented at 120 degrees apart. They can hold very heavy loads and is a good choice for off axis loads such as bino viewers that place torque on the focuser drawtube. The 3 thumbscrew configuration can hold a huge amount of weight. The bump out section on the top of the drawtube adds 3/8" to the height of the focuser, but the extra height is not an issue on most Newtonian scopes. The 2" travel version is our most popular custom pick.


  • Low position compression ring style drawtube. This is a special variation of the short 1.5" travel comp ring drawtube as above but the brass compression ring is located in a lower position so the brass compression ring clamps around the true 2" OD of diagonal or some cameras, not at the beveled under cut area. Some Diagonals and CCD cameras brands have bevels back cut in to the 2" OD barrel. MooNLite's "Low position" drawtube solves the misalignment problem and grips across the true 2" OD to properly maintain accurate collimation and load bearing ability. Please note- the "low position" comp ring bump out on the top of the drawtube adds .8" to the height of the focuser, not 3/8" like the regular comp ring design does.


  • Swing filter drawtube------comes in the 2" travel versions only and is offered in both the regular style single thumbscrew version and the comp ring three thumbscrew version. This drawtube is an additional $100 for the filter swing option. Just screw in your favorite 2" filter, (we are partial to the UHC and O-III), and you can swing it in and out of your view with an above board lever located on the draw tube. Your filter rides along in the bottom of the draw tube so focusing, changing eyepieces, or alternating from clear to filtered view is made quick and easy. There is an above mounted lever that swings the filter in and out. This lever travel along with the drawtube so it is easy to reach on the side of the focuser. This particular drawtube has a filter shaft holder that bumps out on the side of the drawtube by about a 1/2", so it is not intended for every scope. A 1/2" notch must be provided in the focuser board for the shaft holder. It also requires the scope have a thin focuser board. This is due to the filter holder having somewhere to swing out to with out hitting the board when the focuser is in a high racked up position. When the drawtube is racked down or in the middle of its travel range, the filter swing can easily swing out in to the open space inside the OTA.


MoonLite has many knob and motor configurations. Our reduction systems and motor options are integrated into the focuser at the time of assembly. Please use the pull down menu located at the bottom of this page to select the configuration you need.

  • The Single rate configuration uses 2 small 1" diameter knobs providing .58" travel rate per revolution. The single rate configuration is only recommended for light weight duty due to the 3 lb vertical load capacity. Almost all MoonLite focusers are dual rate Tri-knob or motorized versions, however we do offer this single rate model for scopes that are not using heavy loads and do not need a 2 speed reduction unit.


  • The dual rate Tri-knob option is a 2-speed configuration with a regular knob on one side and a fine and coarse knob on the other. Both coarse knobs are 1.2" OD, and the fine knob is 1" in size. The fine knob uses an oversized 8 to 1 reduction unit featuring a preloaded, all ball bearing planetary reduction design that has no backlash or play. The inline unit can simple be rolled by the slightest touch of your finger to make very fine focus movements plus has an auto brake when focus is stopped. No scope wiggles here and perfect collimation plus an 5 lb weight capacity make this option ideal for typical visual or imaging use. The fine knob is on the right by default, but can be made a lefty if needed. If increased lifting capacity is needed, please consider one of our motor options below. The motor option give the CR focuser a 6 lb lifting capacity rating. $100 option.


  • The dual rate Tri-knob with Shaft Lock option also uses the 8 to 1 reduction unit like above but adds a Shaft Lock knob on the standard side. The Shaft lock option uses a unique mini brass compression ring clamp sub system that allows the user to lock the shaft with out deflecting the drawtube. This type of focus lock is much better then the old "thumb screw against the draw tube" style that would shift the image when pressed against the draw tube. The fine knob is on the right by default, but can be made a lefty if needed. This option adds $25


  • DC Motor ($195.00) – The DC motor with slip clutch option uses our Dual channel battery operated hand controller. It allows adjustable speed control for focus on the first channel, and the 2nd channel is available for running a 2nd focuser, or our rotating flange option. The Slip clutch feature on the motor allows both manual operation using the knobs and electronic hand controller operation at the same time. The DC gear head motor and controller combination are ideal for operation of the focuser when a Computer is not going to be used. The DC motor is ideal for visual or imaging and provides a 8 lb lifting capacity when installed on the focuser.


  • High Resolution Stepper Motor/stand alone ($190.00) for customers that may all ready have a stepper motor controller. – The high resolution stepper motor option provides extremely fine focus resolution required by today's high-end CCD imaging platforms. It provides an 6 lb. load capacity once installed on a CR focuser. It gives the focuser great repeatability and automated focus ability for today’s imaging requirements when using a PC. The high resolution stepper motor’s slip clutch feature allows both manual operation using the focusers knobs and electronic PC control at the same time. The stepper motor follows the 9 pin DBA standard pin out so it will work with ROBO focus (pin for pin) controllers along with many other brand controllers. We offer two different controllers below if you do not have a controller. Please see Motor options for more details: Motor Focus Options


  • High Resolution Stepper Motor with MoonLite Mini V2 Controller($440.00) – The high resolution stepper motor with mini V2 ASCOM compliant controller. The MoonLite Mini controller features a remote temp probe, Speed control and up/ down buttons on the controller box for manual operation of the motor alone with full PC control. It uses a USB connection to your PC and runs off standard 12 volt DC. We include an AC adapter with a universal plug so it will work in any country, USB cable, 9pin DBA cable, and remote temp probe. Works with all ASCOM based software once the driver is loaded. We also include a basic Non- ASCOM program for customers to operate the focuser that may not have ASCOM set up. The 6 lb. load rating and precise focus ability make this a good configuration for permanent or remote imaging platforms. The slip clutch feature for manual knob operation is always included with all Motor options so the focuser can be used in many configurations, manual knob, controller buttons, or remote PC operation. Please see Motor options for more details: Motor Focus Options


  • High Resolution Stepper Motor with Dual Port DRO Display Controller ($685.00). This option includes a 2 port controller and can operate 2 separate focusers at the same time. It is a full ASCOM compliant controller along with the high resolution stepper motor with slip clutch. Along with our ASCOM driver, we also include a basic Non- ASCOM program for customers to operate the focuser that may not have ASCOM set up. This controller is best for both visual and PC operation due to its buttons and full DRO display on the controller box located at the scope. It has a fine and fast mode using the buttons on either channel with a full DRO position readout on the display that shows the exact step count position just like in the software of your favorite imaging program. The controller has a remote temp probe just like the mini V2 above and full digital display, plus manual buttons for stand alone use. The 6 lb. load rating on a CR model focuser and extreme precise focus ability at .00008” resolution and repeatability make this the ultimate configuration for permanent and remote imaging platforms. This controller / stepper motor option is recommended for both PC and hand held manual operation. It comes with universal voltage AC adapter and USB cable. The slip clutch feature for manual knob operation is always included with all Motor options so the focuser can be used in many configurations, manual knob, controller buttons, or remote PC operation. Please see Motor options for more details: Motor Focus Options 


MoonLite offers ASCOM drivers to run with your existing imaging software, and a simple non ASCOM program for customers not running a full blown ASCOM automated system (for someone who just wants a simple automated control app to run the focuser). See the Download tab on our Web site for Software. Please note: Motor kits can be added at a later time, as we sell motor kits that customers can install themselves.

The amount of slip can be adjusted on the new slip clutch by adjusting the tightness of the slip clutch ring. For manual knob operation of the focuser, turn the silver knurled ring loose. For motor operation of the focuser, tighten the silver knurled ring.

To adjust the knurled rings tension, it helps to hold the manual knob still with your right hand and turn the clutch ring with your left hand. Holding the manual knob in place will keep the shaft from turning allowing the clutch ring to tighten / loosen the clutch.

Note: No damage will be done if the focuser motor continues to run past the mechanical stops of the drawtubes travel. Even if the clutch is tight, it will simply slip when the travel runs out.


The lifting capacity of the CR focuser can be adjusted to suit many different load requirements.

MoonLite makes .150" thick curve adapters with the MoonLite offset bolt pattern for new installations. Sizes range from 6" to 24" plus spacers are available in 1/4", 1/2", and 1" thick sizes to allow customers to match profile requirements. Please note Curve adapter will require drilling new holes to match the MoonLite off set bolt pattern and are intended for new installations with no pre existing holes to match. If you need to match pre existing bolt hole patterns, then pick MoonLite's Universal install kits. They have all of the non MoonLite focuser bolt hole patterns on the bottom of the curve plate and the plate is much larger. The universal install kits are thicker to accommodate all of the hole patterns on the bottom of the curve plate. They are listed by Mirror size and come in 6", 8", 10", 12", 14" , and 16" kits. A 1/2" and 1" spacer come with all universal install kits. The universal install kit is best when replacing an existing focusers with a MoonLite focuser, while the thin curve adapters are best for new installations that do not have any bolt holes.

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