Meade Model 8200 Microscope

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Meade 8200 Microscope for Students and Kids 08007 is a great introduction to the wonders of the microscopic world with a microscope for students. From the 8 year old kids to the 18 year old, this student microscope will assist in the educational wonders of the microscopic elements that exist in our world. This Meade Microscope includes three objective lenses mounted on a revolving turret (4X, 10X, and 40X), combined with a wide-field 10X eyepiece to yield magnifications of 40x, 100x, and 400X. Meade Model 8200 Student/ Kids Microscope features precise, easy to use rack-and-pinion focuser, 6-Aperture rotary diaphragm and pivoting mirror for lighting control. This Microscopes has a Sturdy plastic body which is ideal for durability and travel. Meade 8200 Microscope for Children and Students also includes a set of safe plastic slides: 5 prepared specimen slides and 5 blank slides. This meade 8200 microscope is recommended for children between the ages of eight and eighteen. Features of Meade 8200 Microscopes

  • Meade 8200 Microscope includes High Quality Three Turret-Mounted Objective Lenses (4X, 10X, and 40X)
  • Combined with a Wide-Field 10X Eyepiece to Yield Magnifications of 40x, 100x, and 400X
  • Precision Stage-Mounted Rack-and-Pinion Focuser
  • 6-Aperture Rotary Diaphragm for Lighter Control
  • Meade 8200 Microscope includes Mirror for Ambient Lighting
  • Meade 8200 Microscope includes Slide Set of 5 Prepared Specimen Slides and 5 Blank Slides
  • Convenient Built-In Light Source for Direct Illumination (requires two Microscopes; not included)
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