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All Medium Wheeley Bars fit tripod tip-to-tip distance of 32.5 – 43.5 inches.
Tip receptacle is 2-3/4″ I.D. Will not fit tripods with feet larger than 2-3/4 inches.


Standard Package comes with 2-3/8″ Wheels and 1/2″ Leveling Screws.

Options can be configured below for a discount.

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar

JMI Medium Size Universal Wheeley Bar creates an easy way to move mounted telescopes to and from observing locations. This is a customized model made to fit various mounts.  Available with Standard 2-3/8″ wheels, large 5″ wheels, or 10″ pneumatic wheels with tow handle.  Consists of a sturdy base with locking wheels and 1/2″ leveling bolts.  Easily move, lock and level the complete telescope assembly from location to location without the need to disconnect and reconnect all the electrical and computer cabling during transport.

Standard Wheeley Bars are designed to be used on hard flat surfaces only. With the optional 10″ pneumatic wheel and tow handle upgrade, with great care in maneuvering and ideal conditions, can be used on grass, dirt and gravel surfaces. Wheeley Bars are generally designed to be used with the tripod legs almost fully retracted to reduce the overall width.

Compatible with:

  • Celestron C4-R, C5-S, C5-SGT
  • Celestron C6-N, C6-R, C6-RGT
  • Celestron C8, C8-NGT, C8-S, C8-SGT, C8+, C8-N, C8-S
  • Celestron C9¼-S, C9¼-SGT
  • Celestron C10-N, C10-NGT
  • Celestron C11-SGT
  • Celestron C102-HD
  • Celestar 8
  • Celestron CG-4 mount/CG-5 mount
  • Celestron CG-9¼
  • Celestron CGE 800** / 925** / 1100**
  • Celestron Classic 8
  • Celestron CPC 800 GPS / 925 GPS / 1100 GPS
  • Celestron Fastar 8
  • Celestron G-8, G8-N, G-9¼
  • Celestron Great Polaris C8,
  • Celestron Great Polaris mount
  • Celestron NexStar 8 / 8 Evolution / 8 GPS / 8i / 8i (XLT) / 8 SE
  • Celestron 9.25 Evolution / 9¼ GPS
  • Celestron 11 GPS
  • Celestron Super C8 with adjustable tripod
  • Celestron Ultima 8 / 9¼ / 11
  • iOptron iEQ45 Pier mount
  • Losmandy GM-8
  • Meade 2080 and 2120 Fork mounts (except MTS) through LX200 7″, 8″ and 10″ (Ritchey-Chrétien, GPS and non-GPS versions) with standard field tripod
  • Meade LS-6 / 8, LT-6 / 8
  • Meade LX90-ACF 8″ / 10″
  • Meade LX90GPS 8″ / 10″
  • Meade LX200-ACF 8″ / 10″
  • Meade LX400-ACF 10″
  • Meade LXD55 AR-5 / AR-6 / SN-6 / SN-8 / SN-10
  • Meade LXD75 AR-5 / AR-6 / SN-6 / SN-8 / SN-10
  • Meade ETX-90EC and ETX-125EC with deluxe field tripod
  • Meade  LX10, LX50, LX90
  • Meade LXD500 / 600 / 650 mounts,
  • Starfinder German Equatorial 6 / 8 / 10
  • Orion SkyView Pro mount
  • Vixen Great Polaris mount
  • Great Polaris Deluxe mount

If you have any issues or questions while ordering, please email: [email protected]

** Celestron CGE mount may require Large Size Universal Wheeley Bars depending on the tip-to-tip distance.  It may also require the 10″ Pneumatic Large Wheel Upgrade (to lower the mount to an acceptable height).

Upgrades: 10" Pneumatic Wheels with Tow Handle

Upgrade the Standard  Wheels to:

10" Pneumatic Wheels with Tow Handle

Optional Tow Handle

Optional Tow Handle to more easily maneuver your Wheeley Bars. Only purchase this option if you have 2 3/8" or 5" wheels. It is already included with the 10" Pneumatic Wheels.

Battery Pack Holder

Add a JMI Wheeley Bar Battery Pack Holder to your medium or large sized universal wheeley bar set up to create a convenient, easy way to carry your battery pack while moving your telescope from place to place.  Made of heavy-duty steel and features a rimmed edge to keep the battery pack securely in place during transport. Compatible with medium, medium heavy-duty, and large size Universal Wheeley Bars. Holds battery packs up to 5 1/2" x 10" in size.

1/2" Speed Dial

JMI 1/2" Speed Dial Drill Adapter for 1/2" Leveling Screws - New Model Medium Wheeley Bars

Quickly assemble JMI Wheeley Bar systems with the JMI Speed Dial Drill Adapter. This portable drill adapter helps quickly and easily adjust (raise or lower) leveling screws on any Universal-Style Wheeley Bars with 1/2" Leveling Screws. Cuts assembly time by 50% or more!

The Speed Dial adapter fits into any portable drill.  Simply place the claws of the adapter over the leveling screw handle and use the drill to quickly turn the screw up or down as necessary to level JMI Wheeley Bars.

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