JMI 10 Inch Pneumatic Large Wheels Upgrade – Universal Style Wheeley Bars (Specify Levelling Screw Size)

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JMI 10 Inch Pneumatic Large Wheels – Universal Style Wheeley Bars

Upgrade your JMI medium or large wheeley bar system with JMI 10 Inch Pneumatic Large Wheels – Universal Style Wheeley Bars.  Includes six large 10″ all-terrain pneumatic wheels and a tow handle to replace the standard 2-3/8″ hard-rubber wheels on medium or large sized universal wheeley bar set ups.  A dual inboard wheel design on the rear wheels maintains a narrow profile.  With these wheels, the Wheeley Bars will raise the mount approximately 3-1/4″ off the ground.

Note:  This item is available as an aftermarket upgrade to wheeley bars.  Allows the replacement of small wheels with large wheels if current wheels are attached with bolts (current manufacturing method) rather than rivets (very old manufacturing method).  With this aftermarket option, purchaser removes the original wheels and installs the 10″ wheels.  (JMI will not accept returns of used small wheels).

Note: If you simply wish to upgrade to the Wheeley Bars with 10″ wheels rather than 2-3/8″ wheels during purchase,  simply select your desired wheel size. This price offers a cost savings as the small wheels are essentially “traded in” toward the price of the larger wheels upon purchase.

Photo shows JMI Universal Wheeley Bars with the 10″ Pneumatic Large Wheel Upgrade, optional Battery Pack Holder and an optional battery pack.  The dual inboard wheels on each rear “axle” help keep a narrow profile.  The product also includes a pull handle.


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