JMI Counterweights for Meade Lightbridge

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Counterweights for Meade LightBridge

Meade LightBridge 10" / 12" / 16"; Zhumell Z12 Dobsonian

These counterweights help counterbalance heavy equipment at the eyepiece or on the nose assembly.  The clip-style mounting brackets attach to the bottom of the mirror tub by sliding the clip onto the mirror cell support.  There are two counterweight clips in a set with each having two weights (approx. 1 lb ea) for a total of approximately 4 lbs.  With each clip you can use a single weight or stack the two weights together.  These counterweights are included with the DELUXE Transporter Kit (above).


These counterweights will not work on the 8" LightBridge.
This picture shows one counterweight clip with two stacked weights attached to a 12" LightBridge.  There are two clips, with a total of four weights, in each set (approx. 4 lbs).
This picture shows the two weights, of one clip, separated from each other.
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