ZWO ASIAIR Pro WiFi Camera Controller for ASI Cameras

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Product Description

ASIAIR PRO is a smart WiFi device. It is equipped with a lightweight power management module, ample USB interfaces, and multiple dovetail mounting methods.

With the rich features of the ASIAIR App, the whole procedure from device integration to image capture runs particularly smooth.

ASIAIR PRO is the second generation of ZWO that has been continuously improved and newly designed since the first generation of ASIAIR was released in July 2018.

Outstanding Features

1. Excellent craftsmanship, strong tactile appeal

Superb craftsmanship with a strong tactile appeal ASIAIR PRO shell is made out of aluminum and processed by CNC tech. After the surface is anodized, it not only protects the shell well, but also has a comfortable feel. The size of the whole machine is 92 x 67 x 35 mm, making its size and weight excellent, which can be easily grasped by hand.

2. Unique look and easy installation

The slot/port position of ASIAIR PRO is nice and symmetrical, with M4 and 1/4 inch openings on the bottom and the side. With the use of the dovetail, the installation and removal become easy. The whole machine adopts bright vibrant Ferrari red tones, and the front is painted with laser star maps of the constellation Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, which is very beautiful.

ASIAIR-Pro-33. Integrated power management, more storage space

ASIAIR PRO is equipped with a lightweight power management module. There are four DC 5.5 x 2.1 mm power outputs on the side of the body, one DSLR shutter release port, two USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports each. The power supply is stable and reliable, the interface is rich and diverse, and the wiring is easy and orderly. It also comes with 84 GB of free storage, so you can capture images freely.



Note:ASIAIR PRO’s USB power supply is not enough for ASI6200/ASI2600/ASI533//ASI071MC cameras to work normally, so please use an external 12V power supply, which can be connected to the ASIAIR PRO’s power management as well.

4. LED indicator, clearly indicates the working status

The LEDs will show the working status clearly. What’s more, it has the key operation warning tone, which makes the whole operation under control.


Note: You can enhance the WiFi signal of ASIAIR by using a Travel Router, recommended: AC750 Wireless Travel Router (TL-WR902AC).

App Functions

ASIAIR supports both iOS and Android systems.

基本 RGB

1. Simple APP interface, as easy as 1, 2, 3.


2. Accurate focus: After the rough focus is completed, select one star, then accurate focusing can be done through curves such as brightness and HFD. It can also be completed with ZWO EAF by remote control.


3. Polar Alignment: Based on the powerful plate-solving function, you can finish arc-second polar axis alignment only within few minutes.


4. Accurate GoTo: With the rich celestial object database, precise GoTo can be achieved after selecting the target.


5. Stable guiding: Independent and stable guiding can be achieved without the PC.


6. Preview mode: You can see the image of the target directly under ‘Preview’.


7. Autorun: Set the target and configure the schedule, ASIAIR will execute the imaging sequence automatically.


8. Live Stacking: You can see the stacked image (lower noise with calibration frames) of the target directly while capturing.


Single frame(2)

Live stacking

Live stacking(1)

Nonlinear  stretch

Nonlinear stretch(1)

Supported DSLR

ASIAIR PRO is a smart WiFi device that allows you to control Mainstream DSLR cameras.



1. Some DSLR cameras have a 30-second exposure limit, which requires an external shutter release cable to ASIAIR PRO.

2. The items with an exclamation mark in the table above have not been verified by actual tests and will be continuously updated in the future.

Supported ASI cameras

All ASI Mini series cameras(ASI120MM Mini, ASI174MM Mini and ASI290MM Mini)

ASI120MC-S/MM-S, ASI385MC, ASI224MC, ASI178, ASI174, ASI290, ASI462

ASI1600, ASI294, ASI183, ASI071, ASI533, ASI2600, ASI6200, ASI2400

(It does not support ASI120MM/MC camera)

Supported list of ASIAIR PRO for ASI cameras


Supported Mount

We have also been working closely with major manufacturers to complete bringing in the match of iOptron, Vixen, Rainbow, Avalon, Explore Scientific and other models (including some new models). For now, the ASIAIR PRO is able to support hundreds of equatorial mounts from more than 20 manufacturers worldwide. For details, please refer to the “ASIAIR PRO User Manual”.

All mounts and cameras supported with the previous version (ASIAIR)can also work with ASIAIR PRO

1. If your new Sky-Watcher EQ6-R Pro has the connection issue with ASIAIR or ASIAIR PRO, Please follow this guidance to fix it.

2 iOptron new batch of G series mount,  such as CEM40G/GEM45G/CEM70G etc. Having connection issue with ASIAIR or ASIAIR PRO, please connect the mount to the cooled camera USB hub then to the ASIAIR or ASIAIR PRO.

Attached Method




Please note, the dovetail is attached to the ASIAIR PRO body when you receive it ; )7



What is in the box?


  1. DC male 1m cable x 2
  2. ASIAIR PRO body
  3. 64GB USB memory stick
  4. DC 1.5m male and female cable extension cable
  5. DC male 0.5 m cable x2
  6. Quick Start Guide
  7. USB-RS232 female covert cable
  8. USB 3.0 square port 0.75m data cable


Neither USB flash drive nor TF card is covered by Warranty Policy.

Dovetail Groove for ASIAIR PRO

The dovetail groove is designed for ASIAIR PRO to connect Vixen dovetail plate. It can help achieve more convenient and flexible installation methods compared to the original dovetail plate of ASIAIR PRO.



The way how to connect it to your ASIAIR PRO:





Connection tips:

1. Remove the original dovetail plate of ASIAIR PRO.

2. Fix the dovetail groove to ASIAIR PRO with the screws you just take off from the plate.

3. It’s recommended to put the bolt towards the box side as shown in the pictures above and not to block the USB ports and status indicators.

The ASIAIR Pro is the second generation of ASIAIR WiFi camera controllers and is packed full of advanced features! Based on user feedback, the ZWO ASIAIR Pro is designed specifically so ZWO ASI camera owners will have an excellent user experience!

Now housed in a CNC machined aircraft grade aluminum body, the ASIAIR Pro has 64 GB of built-in space and a 64 GB U-Disk. This gives the ASIAIR Pro a total 128 GB worth of storage! You can also use any size, user supplied storage device with the camera controller. ZWO's ASIAIR Pro also now has hardware based on the PI4 board and OS has been rewritten for the platform. USB3 is now standard for the PI4 board. Not only that, but the the PI4 has 4 GB of RAM. This, coupled with the new CPU, means that the Pro version is 30% faster than the PI3.

Not only has the housing been redesigned for protection against the elements and wear and tear, the housing now has mounts so it can be installed on a finder foot, then a finder or guide scope can be mounted to the ASIAIR Pro. Talk about integration! Additionally, the ASIAIR Pro comes with a DSLR shutter control line that can be used to control the snap socket on many of the ZWO cameras.

With a simple power management system, with 4 DC 12V @ 5A outlets, the ASIAIR Pro can be controlled from the ASIAIR app, and some of the ports can be PWM controlled for dew controllers. The minimum voltage is 11.5V and the max supported current is 6A. Please note that exceeding 6A may cause overheating. The voltage and current power outputs are 12V @ 3A, and the port type is 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm center positive.

 The ASIAIR Pro is compatible with the all ZWO ASI cameras, including the ASI 533 and ASI 2600. It is even compatible with ZWO devices like the EAF! The software included with the ASIAIR Pro are Live Stack, Automater Meridian Flip, and more! The ASIAIR app can be downloaded to iOS, iPadOS, and Android devices.

1. Power out/inputs
DC [email protected] (Min voltage is 11.5V; Max supported current is 6A).
with 4 output ports; 12V input is recommended and do not to exceed 6A, too high current will cause overheat problem.
The voltage and current of power outputs are [email protected]
The port type for the power outputs is 2.1*5.5mm center positive.

2. Storage
The 32GB TF card comes with the ASIAIR PRO providing 20GB of memory. 
Also, a 64GB U-Disk comes with it. 
But also you can use any size of your own storage device.
3. How can the ASIAIR Pro be mounted?
We redesigned the case to make it mountable simply by attaching it to the dovetail bar on your scopes.
4. The ASIAIR PRO case is made by the aluminum with the CNC tech.
After our many tests, this material has virtually no affects on WiFi signal.
the degree of heating of the case during work depends on the power consumption,
This new type of metal casing will surely help to dissipate heat.
5. About the software
New ASIAIR PRO has amazing features such as Live Stack, Automate Meridian Flip etc. 
The ASIAIR app is iOS/iPadOS/Android first and only so far, 
but through some emulators for Apple technology, you can try to run the app on these platforms.
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