Obsession 30" f/4.5 Dobsonian with Stellarcat GOTO Drive System

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This particular scope comes with a Feathertouch focuser, Stellarcat-Sky Drive system, Telrad, RipStop Nylon Shroud, and the Argo Navis hand controller/encoder package.

Primary requires re-coating if you wish to make it like new. In spite of the defects in the coating, it is still an OUTSTANDING performer!


 Equipped with Starlight Instruments, Inc. Feathertouch 10 to 1 focuser, a Telrad finder, the original Stellarcat-Sky Motorized Drive System which makes this telescope fast and easy. This obsession comes with Argo Navis hand controller and 8k step encoders, the serial programming cable, and its manual.

It is an Obsession 30" f4.5 with OMI-Torus primary, enhanced coating and interferometry certification.

It includes:

4.5" 98% Brilliant Diamond secondary

Wheel Barrow handels with double pneumatic tires

Feathertouch Focuser

Nylon light shroud

Argo Navis Computer with encoders and encoder cable

Original Obsession supplied ladder

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