Close-Up Set 58mm +1,2,3 Hoya With Case

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Macro photography is a somewhat commonplace piece of photographic lingo and is usually well recognized even among less experienced photographers. The term “macro” itself literally means “large” even though most subjects in macro photography are physically small.

So it could be said that macro photography… macrography… photomacrography, is technically the art of making an image which renders the subject larger than life sized. Most of the time these images are produced using specialized lenses which allow relatively high zooms along with close focusing distances and shallow depth of field. However, this is not the only way to produce close-up photographs with a small depth of field. There are many other pieces of gear which can be a conveniently more cost effective way to help you make macro photographs without buying a dedicated macro lens.

Extension tubes, reverse lens adapters, and close-up filters can give the photographer alternative way of delving into the world of macro photography.

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