Car Window Mount

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Used on any Dobsonian scope with a focuser other than a Feather Touch

  • I built one from the common filter slide design with a few improvements.It came out so well, and I've gotten so much enjoyment out of "clicking"between filters.I'm making them available for the amateur astronomer who has always desired the obvious convenience of such a device.
  •   Will fit any diameter tube over 10 inches. And will accommodate almost any focuser. Can also function as a light baffle for your focuser!
  1. Brass/Stainless pin-registered system for accurate filter positioning.
  2. •Install assembly in 10 minutes with supplied self-tapping screws.•Aluminum threads that accepts 3 - 2" astronomical or 48mm photo filtersYou'll get thorough installation instructions for an easy and accurate install!
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