Cambron Auto Tele Converter 3X for Pentax (Pre-Owned)

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The Cambron Auto Tele Converter 3X for Pentax is an optical accessory designed to increase the effective focal length of Pentax SLR camera lenses. Here’s an overview of what this typically entails:

  1. Tele Converter: A tele converter, also known as a telephoto converter or extender, is an optical device that mounts between the camera body and the lens. Its primary function is to magnify the image produced by the lens, effectively increasing the focal length.

  2. 3X Magnification: The "3X" indicates that this tele converter triples the focal length of the lens it is attached to. For example, if you have a 100mm lens and attach the 3X tele converter, it effectively turns it into a 300mm lens (100mm × 3).

  3. Auto Functionality: The term "Auto" in the product name suggests that it supports automatic functions such as automatic aperture control and metering through electrical contacts, which allows for seamless integration with Pentax SLR cameras without manual adjustments for exposure.

  4. Compatibility with Pentax: The tele converter is specifically designed to be used with Pentax K-mount lenses and cameras. It ensures proper communication between the camera body and the lens, enabling automatic functions and maintaining image quality.

  5. Purpose: Tele converters are commonly used in wildlife photography, sports photography, and any situation where additional reach is needed without carrying multiple large telephoto lenses. They provide a cost-effective way to extend the focal length range of existing lenses.

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