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Baader Planetarium has introduced the world's finest UV/IR cut filter.  This filter is a must for all digital imaging with Digital Cameras, CCD Cameras, and modified WebCams.  Also useful for protecting valuable H-Alpha filters from heat stress and damaging IR (Daystar, etc).  Due to their extremely high optical quality, these filters may be stacked and used far in front of the focal plane (necessary for imaging uses).  Like the Baader Planetarium Contrast-Booster, the UV-IR-Cut filter uses the very latest coating technology, to deliver the finest filtration quality - and lifetime durability.  Available in all common mounted and unmounted sizes to fit practically any camera, includning the new 100mm size for professional video applications (101 x 143 x 3mm).


  • Unmatched 98% Average Transmission!  Freedom from ghost images (very low reflection multi-coating, Striae-free, and plane-parallel substrate).
  • Extremely Sharp Cutoff at 680nm  (leaves all the visible red, including the important 656nm H-alpha emission line).
  • Sharp cutoff below 420nm.  Eliminates violet halos around bright stars (more effectively than simpler so-called Minus Violet photographic filters).
  • True optical quality glass substrate and coatings. Why spend all your money on quality primary optics - only to place a lower grade filter optic in the path?
  • Combine with any of the other Baader filters, to deliver the sharpest images possible.

"Got the uv-ir-cut filter.  Mounted it internally inside a 400mm lens that I glued to a cheap 3.2 MP camera WORKS GREAT!!  Better than the hot mirror supplied with camera more red channel more light - higher shutter speed.  At least one extra stop."  Luke Gale


- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 1¼”  (#FUVIR-1)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 2"   (#FUVIR-2)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 36mm Round   (#FUVIR-RD36)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 50.4mm Round   (#FUVIR-RD50)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 50mm Square (3mm Thick)  (#FUVIR-SQ50)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 65mm Square (3mm Thick)  (#FUVIR-SQ65)

- Baader UV-IR-Cut, 100mm Square (3mm Thick)  (#FUVIR-SQ100)



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BAADER UV-IR-Cut Filter, and DSLR Correcting Filter (Canon)

The only infrared blocker in this price range featuring a planoptically polished substrate, parallel to within 30 seconds of arc!


 •     Reflects destructive heat radiation!

•    Protects your valuable solar observing equipment such as DAYSTAR-Filters and the like from excessive heat-stress (ie, from cooking the immersion liquid!)

•    Stays cool and will not shatter if subjected to great thermal stress, since even intensive radiation is not absorbed - as with ordinary “heat protective Filters”, such as KG-3 or KG-5. Energy is reflected due to an elaborate interference system of 23 dielectric coating layers.

•    98% Transmission average across the visible spectrum.

•     Enables pinpoint star images with digital and CCD- equipment.

•     Ultrahard and durable Ion-Beam IR-cut coatings, may be cleaned any time without fear.

•     Hard and absolutely scratch resistant 7-layer - multicoat featuring 0.3% residual reflection versus the regular 4.6% of an uncoated substrate.

•     Freedom from ghost images due to highest quality coatings

•     Plane optically polished! Retains full image resolution even at highest magnification during solar observation or eyepiece projection.

•     Available in 1¼" and 2" size

•     Incredibly low priced.

•   Full family of adapters to mount in (almost) any telescope’s optical train - see the Astro T-2 SystemTM.

•     Larger clear aperture than any competing 1¼" or 2" filter.

·    Better, more elaborate filter cell design than any competing filter, featuring a CNC-milled “crown” for ease of handling and attachment.



Spectral Transmission, UV-IR-CUT Filter

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