Baader H-alpha 35nm CCD Filter (Specify Size)

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  • Premium grade H-alpha interline chip CCD-filter for fast optical systems f/10 to f/2.8
  • IR-blocked
  • NO halos, NO reflections, NO ghosting
  • Non-aging sealed coating edges

Baader's new H-Alpha passfilter enables high-contrast deep sky images of H-II regions (such as the N. American Nebula). Its medium 35nm FWHM bandwidth is ideal for interline CCD cameras ( like SBIG ST-2000/STL11000). The lower sensitivity of interline transfer CCDs benefits from the more efficient 35nm FWHM. The sharp bandpass and > 90% high efficiency coatings make the Baader H-Alpha filter superior to the common colored-glass based filters, all at a reasonable price.

The Baader H-Alpha filter shares the same outstanding features as all the other Baader imaging filters. Unmatched optical quality, and high efficiency hardened multicoatings result in the sharpest and highest contrast images possible.

H-Alpha 35nm Transmission Curve

H-Alpha 35nm Transmission Curve

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