Baader Planetarium f/2 Highspeed Narrowband H-Alpha CCD Filter - 31mm Unmounted - FHALHS-RD31

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Baader has created a filter that is for those astrophotographers that work with fast focal ratio telescopes. This f/2 filter is designed to work with astrographs with a focal ratio faster than f/3. This includes the HyperStar systems, RASA, and fast equipment from ASA, Astro-Physics, TEc, and more. WIth a center wavelength (CWL) pre-shift that matches the f/2 and f/3 systems and the latest optimization, this filter is able to give maximum contrast.

When standard narrowband CCD filters are used with systems faster than f/3, they will suffer from a large loss of transmission due to the strong CWL shift. In some instances, the filters may shift out of the FWHM! However, with the special Baader highspeed narrowband filters with your f/1.8 to f/3.5 system, you will have a dramatic improvement when doing false color imaging of emission nebulae.

This H-alpha CCD filter is ideally suited for prime focus imaging.

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