AstroZap 6" Dobsonian Dust Cover - 8" Diameter - AZ-1400

Article number: AZ-1400
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Say it with me: "No more dust! No more dust!"

Let's keep fighting the good fight and use the AstroZap 6" Dobsonian Dust Cover - 8" Diameter as our sword and shield. This product is great at keeping almost all dust off of the optics in between viewings. Let's keep the image as sharp as possible. This product has got your back. Proudly made in the USA, the AstroZap dust cover consists of a blend of cotton and nylon and is soft enough to not scratch the finish on the telescope. It also has a sewn elastic strap which snugly holds the cover on. Sometimes environment conditions can put a damper on your viewing experience. As far as dust is concerned, this dust cover has got you covered!

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