Astro-Physics 15" Dovetail Saddle (DOVE15) with 15" Dovetail Sliding Bar (SB1500) - 400, 600E, 800, 900, 1100, 1200, 1600 and Mach1GTO

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The 15" version of our dovetail plate is suited for the 130 f/6 StarFire EDT, ARO Maksutovs, Takahashi scopes and other instruments of similar size. The knob assembly features a brass pin with a tapered end to hold your sliding bar firmly without marring the aluminum. Use with the 15" Sliding Bar (SB1500), which is sold separately. These are some of the applications:

Mounting plate

  • 400, 600E, 800, 900, 1100, 1200, 1600 or Mach1GTO German equatorial mounts (all models).
  • All Takahashi mounts with the 2-hole mounting pattern (EM-10, Teegul, etc) - use the Q4044 adapter plate.
  • GiroDX mount - use the Q4044 adapter plate.

Accessory plate - Attach to the top of our Astro-Physics mounting rings (diameters 4.7" - 8") or rings from Parallax Instruments that have the Astro-Physics hole patterns (you can request it). Note, you must also use a mounting plate on the bottom of the rings with the same distance, i.e. the DOVE15, FP1500, 1200RP15, 900RP, FP1800 (only if you use the innermost hole spacing) or the cradle plate of the Astro-Physics 800 mount (prior model). The distance between these pairs of holes is 13.75".

Please note that your telescope rings must be tapped with two 10 - 32 holes spaced 3" apart to accommodate this plate as an accessory plate. Some of our earliest rings were produced before we included this set of holes in our standard hole patter. To confirm that your rings are appropriately tapped, please refer to our Astro-Physics Mounting Ring Hole Pattern document.

Note also that this plate will NOT accept Vixen style plates (sliding bars) like the Losmandy V-series. This newer Vixen specification is slightly narrower than our long established Astro-Physics 15" specification and has a much less angled bevel to the dovetail. This dovetail saddle will not adequately clamp onto the smaller Vixen style plate (sliding bar). Can't tell the difference between the Vixen and Astro-Physics sliding bars? Click here for a scaled diagram comparing each of the bar profiles.


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