Asahi Pentax 6x7 w/ 75mm f/4.5 Lens and Grip (Pre-Owned)

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The Asahi Pentax 6x7 is in great condition and is ready for use.

The Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera is a medium format camera that offers a unique and immersive shooting experience. It is designed for professional or high-end photography, providing excellent image quality and versatility. The camera features a lightproof box with an aperture and a shutter to control the amount of light entering the camera. It uses a large film or image sensor, allowing for higher resolution and better image quality compared to 35mm cameras

  • Medium format: The camera uses a larger film or image sensor compared to 35mm cameras, allowing for higher resolution and better image quality
  • Manual controls: The Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera features manual controls for aperture, shutter speed, and focus, giving you full control over your image
  • Mechanical shutter: The camera's mechanical shutter provides a reliable and precise way to control the exposure of your images
  • Compatibility with vintage lenses: The Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera can be adapted to use various vintage lenses, allowing you to experiment with different looks and styles
  • Interchangeable viewfinders: The camera offers interchangeable viewfinders, including a waist-level finder and a prism finder, giving you flexibility in composing your shots
  • Built-in light meter: The Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera has a built-in light meter, making it easier to determine the correct exposure for your images
  • Distinctive aesthetic: The larger film or image sensor of the Asahi Pentax 6x7 camera produces a unique aesthetic, characterized by a shallow depth of field and a more three-dimensional look
  • Versatile film options: The camera supports various film formats, including 120 and 220 roll film, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs
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