Eyepiece Top Cap 48mm for Nagler, Ethos, & Meade UW

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This 1.875"/48mm internal diameter cap allows you to protect many Televue and some older Japanese made Meade eyepieces. Although there may be many more eyepieces that this cap will fit, here is a list of those that will definitely fit:

Version 2 Meade Ultrawide 8.8, 14mm (not the original smooth sided or current 'hand grenade' version), All Televue Ethos, Delos, Delite & Radians, Panoptic 41,35,27,22mm, Nagler Type 4 22,17,12mm, Nagler Type 5 31,26mm, Televue Plossl 50,40,32mm, Meade QX 26,36mm

They fit on the objective (eye) end of the eyepiece that you place your eye to.


Also available in a discounted pack of 5!

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