ADM D Series Dovetail Bar (Specify OTA Size)

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Losmandy style "D" plate for the selected OTA's.  Dovetail bars are 4 inches wide and .5" thick.  All "D" series dovetail bars require the use of radius blocks which are included.  The DC8, DC9.25, DC11, DC14, DM8, DM10 and DM12 are in stock and available for immediate delivery.   

DC8- 13.5" Long
DC9.25- 18" Long
DC11- 18" Long
DM12- 19.5" Long


Note: the C9.25 has varied in length over the years. This dovetail bar, however, will fit ALL models! The bar is designed with elongated holes at each end that will easily accomodate the different length of each model.

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