Achiever Dedicated Thyristor DZ260 Flash (Pre-Owned)

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The Achiever Dedicated Thyristor DZ260 Flash is a camera flashgun that is compatible with Olympus SLR cameras. It is a versatile flashgun that features a bounce head with zoom action to cover lenses 28-85mm.

The Achiever Dedicated Thyristor DZ260 Flash has the following features:

  1. Two Auto f/stop settings: The flash has two automatic aperture settings that can be used to adjust the flash output based on the camera's aperture setting
  2. Fully manual setting: The flash also has a fully manual setting, allowing the user to manually adjust the flash output to achieve the desired exposure
  3. Thyristor circuitry: The flash is equipped with thyristor circuitry, which helps regulate the amount of light emitted by the flash for a given exposure
  4. Exposure check indicator: The flash features an exposure check indicator, which helps the user determine if the flash output is correctly exposing the subject
  5. Bounce head with zoom action: The flash has a bounce head that can be tilted and rotated to bounce the light off ceilings or walls, providing more natural and diffused lighting. It also has a zoom action to cover lenses ranging from 28mm to 85mm
  6. LCD readout: The flash has an LCD readout, making it easy to see and adjust the flash settings
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