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Film, as well as video, often exhibits a greater sensitivity to what is to us invisible, ultraviolet light. This is most often outdoors, especially at high altitudes, where the UV-absorbing atmosphere is thinner; and over long distances, such as marine scenes. It can show up as a bluish color cast with color film, or it can cause a low-contrast haze that diminishes details, especially when viewing far-away objects, in either color or black-and-white.

Tiffen 86C MM UV Protector Filter Protects your camera or camcorder lens against dust, moisture, fingerprints, scratches and damage. This filter can be kept on your camera at all times.

  • Something that stands between your lens and your subject while adding effects to your photo
  • Serves as a lens protector as well as absorbs the UV rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy and indistinct
  • This filter has an attachment diameter of 3.39"
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