Calcium K Modules


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Lunt CaK Module Package for LS152THa
  • Calcium K module for the 152T with an internal 2.4 Angstrom blocking filter.  Now you can image in multiple wavelengths with your LS152THa!
  • This package also comes with a standard 2″ Crayford-style Focuser, which means you can use your LS152Tha as a regular nighttime telescope (with a regular diagonal inserted as opposed to the CaK diagonal), or observe the Sun in white light with a Lunt Herschel Wedge!

Our price: $1349.00 (€1173.63)
Lunt Calcium K Modules

Calcium K (Ca-K) telescopes and filters are used to study the wavelength of 393.4 nm. This emission line is one of two that are produced by Calcium just at the edge of the visible spectrum, in a layer that is slightly lower and cooler than the layer viewed in Hydrogen-alpha.

Our price: $749.00 (€651.63)