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iOptron 60mm White Light Solar Scope

iOptron Solar 60TM refractor telescope (S60) combines iOptron 60mm f/6 achromatic refracting telescope and a most durable Solar II plus solar filter. With the thread-on solar filter design, the S60 provides a safer view of the solar photosphere. Watching sunspots change and travels across the disk of sun day by day.

With fully multi-coated air-spaced doublet optics, the S60 reveals brighter and sharper images. Explore and view the details of the Moon phases by removing the Solar Filter. The 60mm objective lens and short 360mm (f/6.0) focal length are perfect for taking in wide swaths of the night sky.

A green moon filter is also included to reduce irradiation, glare, and excess image brightness in lunar observing. It also improves the contrast between lunar albedo features.

The Solar 60 is an excellent mate for iOptron’s CubeTM goto telescope mounts.


60mm Refractor/ f6.0

Threaded Solar Filter allows for day and night viewing

One 25mm Optical Eyepieces

90 degree Star Diagonal

Green moon filters for eyepiece

One year limited warranty


Our price: $149.00 (€129.63)
iOptron iExplore 50AZ Refractor Telescope
The iExplore  50AZ Telescope is the perfect beginners telescope. 

Our price: $28.00 (€24.36)
iOptron iExplore 70AZ Refractor Telescope
The iExplore  70AZ Telescope is a serious astronomical telescope at an affordable price.

Our price: $66.00 (€57.42)
iOptron MC90 Optical Telescope OTA

The iOptron® 90mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope (MC90) is a great astronomy telescope that is a powerful yet small enough to take anywhere.


Our price: $249.00 (€216.63)
iOptron N114mm Telescope OTA

114mm Newtonian reflector telescope

Our price: $129.00 (€112.23)
iOptron® Rumak-type 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain

The iOptron® Rumak-type 150mm Maksutov-Cassegrain is perfect for the serious amateur astronomer who wants apochromatic refractor-type performance at an affordable price. In fact, the multicoated and fully-baffled optics provide almost similar results as a 5-inch apochromatic refractor -- at a fraction of the cost.

Our price: $848.00 (€737.76)
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