SBIG Spectrographs

SBIG CCD cameras are among the best selling astronomy CCD cameras in the world. SBIG, or Santa Barbara Instruments Group, manufactures an entire line-up of SBIG CCD cameras, from the SBIG ST Series CCD Cameras to the professional line of SBIG STL Series CCD Cameras. SBIG also produces SBIG CCD camera accessories such as adaptive optics, color filter wheels, autoguiders, seeing monitor cameras, camera lens adapters, filters and much more.


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ST-I Spectrograph
The AO-X is a large aperture AO designed to be compatible with all STX and STXL series cameras, including the STX-16803, STXL-16200, STXL-11000 and STXL-6303.  The AO-X requies minimal backfocus while offering a large 3" aperture optical element, which is large enough to cover the KAF-16803 CCD sensor.

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