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Stellarvue M150 Dual-Head Heavy-Duty Mount

This is Stellarvue's largest mount and tripod. We manufacture it in our Auburn, California shop using 6061-t6 aluminum and stainless steel. Mount a 160 on one side and a 102 on the other. It will glide effortlessly around the sky.  

Each axis uses both stainless roller bearings and Teflon thrust bearings offering extremely rigid yet butter smooth movement. Internal delrin faced clamping rings allow the user to set tension for each axis in place at any angle. One can tighten the mount solid but the real joy comes from having it loose enough to move effortlessly with the slightest push, yet tight enough that it stops when and where you want it. Forget about slow motion controls as you glide around the sky. Yes, most mounts need them but this one is just silky smooth, massive and a joy to use.

Our price: $895.00 (€778.65)
Stellarvue Maple Tripod - TWM

This adjustable maple hardwood tripod uses full sized maple hardwood and aluminum fittings. All parts are made in our shop using cnc machines. This tripod is entirely made in the USA and has a beautiful finish. The Appleply tray snaps into place easily. No loose parts to lose in the dark. The tray holds three 1.25” and three 2” accessories. The mounting bolt is a 5/8-11 which is the standard surveyor tripod style. Mount the MEC2 column to this bolt and the M2 mount attaches to that. Made in the USA

Our price: $499.00 (€434.13)
Stellarvue Stellarvue Solid Cherry Tripod with Pier Column - TSL10

This is Stellarvue's most massive and stable tripod to date. It is made for the new style M150 mount, the former M150 with adapter or for Losmandy mounts. It is not designed for use with the M2. We think this is the most stable wooden tripod on the market. Using over-sized Cherry hardwood, the large legs attach to an aluminum column. The M150 mount head or Losmandy heads will fit directly to the column. Other mounts can attach to the column with the proper adapters. The tripod is easy to set up, merely open and lock the legs, extend the legs as needed, attach the mount head and observe!

Our price: $1495.00 (€1300.65)