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Optec TCF-S3 - 3" ID Temperature Control Focuser
* 3" Temperature Compensating Focuser from Optec!
* Functions like the TCF-S, but made for instrument loads of up to 25 lbs.
* Serial Version with RS-232 I/O.
* 3/8-inch diameter high-speed steel drive shafts for maximum load without bending or wear.
* Includes temperature probe, control box, and power supply.
* Order telescope mount, control cable, serial operation accessories and optional adapters separately.

Our price: $1799.00 (€1565.13)
Optec Temperature Compensating Focuser (TCF-S)
The Optec TSF-S is an amazing focusing system that compensates for temperature changes throughout your imaging sessions to help keep focus tack-sharp!
* The Temperature Compensating Focuser includes a 2" TCF-S Focuser, temperature sensor probe with 20" cable, and hand controller with Digital Read Out (DRO)

Our price: $829.00 (€721.23)